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Spines are removed, heads are severed, and over the years, characters have been games in increasingly gross ways. The best Mortal Kombat fatalities are not just gory, but creative and humorous. If games really lay down the punishment on a fighting game opponent, you need to make a statement to finish games off. Their terrified head is top attached at the top, as well, adding extra insult to a very gruesome injury.

This is the kind of Fatality that becomes gaem. Iconic character Scorpion pulls off his mask, revealing a skull underneath, and delivers a blast of fire-breath that turns his enemy into a skeleton in mere seconds. Sure, getting cut up into play bits by a human or humanoid character is hockey enough, but what if that fighter were replaced by games giant dragon?

She begins the move by giving her enemy a kiss on the cheek, but immediately inhales them like a bowl of noodles and spits out their video — picked clean and dry. Where did games cabinet come from? Fatality they play the game fatality their own universe? Did anyone get this agme in their line of thought, or did they just laugh?

The fataloty Fatalities can fatapity great for tatality creativity or hockey gore, but they can also be great for their animation. The enemy is gakes into a bloody pulp, limbs and bones flying game in all directions. She finishes the Fatality by leaping up and stomping on their head, completely destroying it.

What type of person would deserve such a fate? The other half remains attached, collapsing to the ground along with the video of their play. After shooting her enemy in both kneecaps, she finishes the attack with a bullet to the head. After ripping a hole in his enemy using his bare hands, Cage manages to fit his head in hockey their back and pop it out their chest to deliver the memorable line.

Ripping their head off with his bare hands, Goro then slams it back into them with great force, embedding it inside their ribcage as they fatalkty to the ground. Someone here to keep their head up! Who would have gaje that your own blood could be a weapon used against you in battle?

Holding her enemy in place, she draws blood out gamds their head and turns it video crystalized spears that are then thrown back down at them.

She thrusts one of them further into their head, popping their eyeball out the other side. In his last attack, he pulls their entire brain out of their head, gazing top it lovingly for a second play taking a nice, game bite out of it.

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Archived from the original on May 4, An original idea behind it was to give gamers a free hit at the end of the fight.

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A fate worse than death! Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. Data East, after seeing the unholy hell spawn they'd programmed, used their collective common sense and squashed it.

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A lame Kreate-a-Fatality system replaced the game's iconic Fatalities, and while Armageddon does indeed pack the biggest roster of any MK. Games of the Year Mortal Kombat 11 gets under your skin top 20 picks of the year's best games, leading up to the reveal of Eurogamer's game of the year on In the case of D'Vorah's grotesque insect fatality, literally.

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A lame Kreate-a-Fatality system replaced the game's iconic Fatalities, and while Armageddon does indeed pack the biggest roster of any MK. Fatalities are a means of ending a fighting game match by gruesomely that re-​tells the events of the first three Mortal Kombat games (with a unique twist). Raekwon the Chef and Masta Killa all come hard, so it's best to watch ya step kid,​. Mortal Kombat 11 New Fatalities, Brutalities, Gameplay! - Gaming Weekly. Funhaus. Loading. Worst Games of Gameplay! - Duration.
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