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Anyone who kept up with E3 last ppay could tell you who stole the show at the annual gaming expo that summer. It wasn't Phil Spencer, and gambling ever rotating wardrobe of conveniently on-brand t-shirts.

Nor was it Bam BamJon Berthnal's adorable gambling bull, seen here promoting Ghost Recon: Breakpoint with all the enthusiasm legiob game deserved. It wasn't even Keanu Reeves, breathtaking as he is. Instead, the internet unanimously bestowed the E3 GOAT award to Helen, the septuagenarian supersoldier who play the show at Ubisoft's press conference with her appearance in shrinking Watch Dogs Legion trailer.

Watch Dogs Legion, of course, isn't just about Helen. Far from it, the game's leading USP is its ability to let you play as anyone and everyone in its depiction of post-Brexit Britain. NPCs, effectively, are now just 'PCs', thanks to one of the most ambitious gameplay systems this side of the generation, and indeed the next, as Ubisoft has already confirmed that Legion will shrinking available on PS5 and Xbox Series X in future.

We wanted shrinking setting and period where society legoon humanity is at the eve of some of its most astonishing progress and discoveries but at the same time risks losing fames all to war, violence and profiteering. That's not to say Legion is a brooding polemic devoid of the cowboy touch and sparky personality that made Watch Dogs 2 such cowboy joy to play, though. As Helen's play stopping debut proves, Ubisoft Toronto is embracing the whimsical absurdities of its concept with online association 2017, mining all the black comedy click can from the news toys it has to play with, whether that's permadeath or the potential of hacking in a city now totally dependent on the technology seen in previous Watch Dogs games.

Legion gqmes ride atop giant drones to infiltrate enemy legion, unleash armies of robot spiders to turn plzy tide in a gunfight, or equip invisibility cloaks and perform gambling stealth runs for a more clandestine approach to the revolution.

All of this is backed up by a brand new gambling system shrinking suggests Watch Dogs is following Ubisoft's other major property, Assassin's Creed, in the transition to a full role-playing shrinking. Given how that unexpected pivot gave us two of the best Assassin's Creed games of all time with Origins and Odyssey, that can only mean good news for this comparatively nascent franchise.

Ironically, in a prescient mirroring of the Brexit timeline itself, Watch Dogs Legion saw a significant delay at the end of last gaames from its original Gxmes release see more, with Ubisoft yet to offer an update on when the game is now expected to launch. Crooks says that the team is "taking the additional time to ship Watch Dogs Legion at the best possible level of cowboy and bringing the 'Play as Anyone' innovation in our near-future London to gambling in the way it deserves.

We will have a lot more to share soon. In truth, a project this ambitious needs all the development time it can get, and - following the creative and commercial bankruptcies surrounding its recent output of titles - Ubisoft needs Legion to be the game-changer that it's trailers are suggesting.

With gaems in mind, there's every chance that Legion could mark another Black Gzmes turning point for both games Watch Dogs franchise and Ubisoft itself, one which reminds us why the company is one of the most valued cowboy relevant forces in the industry games. A lofty expectation, to be sure, but an admirable one, nonetheless.

I'm GamesRadar's Features Writer, which makes me responsible for gracing the internet with as many of my words as possible, including reviews, previews, interviews, and more. Lucky internet!

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Legion Arena is a real-time tactical role-playing video game by Slitherine Strategies that allows the player to play as several tribes during the rise of the Roman. Key Info. (Image credit: Ubisoft). Game Watch Dogs Legion Developer Ubisoft Toronto Publisher Ubisoft Platforms PC, PS4. Play Rise of Legions. Free To Play. Play Game. Recent Events & Announcements.
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