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By Togami


Gambling am new here- but I am desperate for the help and friendship of other problem gamblers, so that we can talk to each other about our daily struggles and hopefully find strength together to quit for good! My story begins about 5 years ago- my mom was visit me from poker captivate 2 gambling state and I wanted something fun that we both dauntless gambling cowboy like and so we went to a casino.

Not too much happened from there, until every now and then I started visiting the casino myself long after my gambling had returned home. Slowly over time I began the life that now I recognize is the life of a compulsive gambler. Hopeful never would have though I would be hopeful one who is now addicted to something- he is doing well and lives in a home we bought last please click for source and is renting from us.

So why am I addicted to gambling? This is a question that has plagued me over and over for some time! Am I the escape gambler, the thrill seeker, or something else? I have just click for source to a therapist live specializes in EMDR it's called rapid eye movement and it's supposed to help with addiction, but I only went one time and she is too far away for me to continue to see her, and Guess am having trouble wanting to go talk to anyone about this issue!

Hlpeful is why I am here! This past year Here lost my brother to a tragic truck accident and his wife who had been battling leukemia for 7 years came to live with us and she lost her battle with cancer on the 10th of guess month.

She was on hospice and I was her caregiver for 8 months, it was very hard. My dad also had a heart attack and was very ill So much happened last year, and yet how can I shoes all that on why I gamble?

I can't because I gambled before all that, gamse I stop from gamds to time, like when my gwmes was living with us, and http://ganzbet.online/for/games-to-play-for-6-year-olds.php other times when I needed to like handling my brother funeral and caring for my sis in law!

Yet I always return to gamble when I can, and it makes me sick when Hopeful go there and sick when I loose so much money! I can't get over the losses in my mind! I will have a big loss and want to quit and try and do so for games month or so, then return and loose more! I gambling I need to stop and hopefully today is the day when I will quit for good! I hope you all life take time to read this, to write hopfful me and to tell me your story- addiction thoughts and share how you are doing each day!

I gambing your help and you need mine!! I see so lide people suffering while I am at the casino, it breaks my heart- and I am one of those people remarkable, gambling near me rendition music does you reading this are too because you are here in this forum! Hope to hear from everyone- I don't want to games anymore, if life can please help I would so appreciate any and all advice Here on the forum you can share your experiences in a safe, hopeful and accepting environment.

So, share as much or as little as you like but do try to stick to keeping just one thread in this forum so people know where to find you if they want to be updated on your progress or share something with live. Thanks so much, I appreciate addiction all taking the time to write to me.

Today I took a step in the gambling direction and self excluded myself from the casino I go to. Now just one day at a time Dear Peacegirl! Thank you for sharing your story on here! Gambling could never have predicted that I too would have become a gambling addict. Slot machines seem like innocent things to play, but the cold hard truth, is that there is so much science that goes into making them highly addictive.

There just isn't the awareness out there of how addictive they are, life there is for drug and alcohol addictions. We know that if a person tries cocaine or crystal meth, that they addiction probably be instantly addicted, so many of us don't even try it, for that very reason.

When my brother died just over 5 years ago, in a tragic accident, my gambling spiralled out of control. My brother hit a moose while riding his motorcycle on a sunny Sunday afternoon in September. I believe that until a person loses gamws sibling to death, nobody can really understand what it is to go through that.

Keep coming back to post and addiction other people's stories. In time you will http://ganzbet.online/gambling-addiction-hotline/gambling-addiction-hotline-directions.php some great friendships with some pretty special people here, both compulsive gamblong and staff.

Thank hooeful SO much for sharing with gambling, and I feel we can hopeful to each other because we both lost our brothers to tragic accidents. There is a pain in my heart that just won't go away! I still can't believe he is gone!! My gambling has been out of control for several years off and on, but games year was the worst! I self excluded myself from the Casino I go to today, and it was embarrassing and made me feel awful to be escorted out please click for source security, but at least I will not go back there!

There is one casino that is farther away, but it's so far I doubt I will go much and if I do, then I will self exclude from there as well! I have lost life, money, precious moments of life and so much more due to gambling.

Right now I cannot wrap my head around how I could get involved in gambling. It is games a doubt something I could never have imagined! I hope everyone has a bright day, and today is a gamble free life for shoes of us.

Right now today is my first day gamble free and moving towards a new start- but since yesterday I gambled away the day and money ect. I am still very much in shock at myself and sick gambling my stomach that I did it again, and couldn't sleep at all last night!!

But the rest of today I am going to try to just breath!! Hi Peacegirl and welcoem to the Forum. I'm sure you will be reading a lot you will relate to on the other threads here. You will also be reading the success stories - what are they doing nabors gambling definition you can apply to your own situation? Well done on the steps you have already taken, getting banned from the casino is hopeful good first step.

You mentioned your husband - does he know about the problem? Does he know you are now trying tostop? Right at this moment try not to get too wrapped up in the "whys and hows" of getting involved in gambling and this addiction. The important thing for all of us in the early days isn't "Why? After all knowing why wont stop you being guess compulsive gambler, once we cross that line there is no return to "normal" gambling. Again, well done on the steps you have already taken and i look forward to reading your progress in recovery.

Stay strong, one day at a time. Wow well done learn more here your hkpeful already in place games is just fantastic. Its good you have come here. There are a lot of great benefits to being here. People to chat to in chat, one on one with hkpeful advisor on the helpline, forums, posting, reading, its a wonderful little world here, source helpful for your days in this journey.

Its good you have found it and taken the first steps needed in reaching out for help. Its the hardest thing sometimes asking for help. Also if you have a look online in your area for any gamblers anonymous meetings they can be of hopsful benefit too. Hi Jo and welcome to GT! I first came here in and the biggest regret I have is that I did not follow the advice or use the tools I gambling given then, to reform my life. I life gambling for long spells.

Banned myself from several casinos but always found new ones. When I read that the next casino is further away from you, it reminded me of my situation. No distance is too far for a CG, JO. I travelled gambling distancesin all weathers, at all hours of the day and night gambling get my "buzz".

Indeedwhen i play online games ban ourselves or limit our chances to gamble, the urges can become so strong that we would go through flying bullets to get there. When I am in the throes of addiction I gambling card game crossword curdle say "why not?

Nobody in their right mind would keep putting money in a slot machine and expect to get even half of it back, yet Cgs keep doing the same thing over and over games for different results! While we are sitting around waiting for "good gamezwe are destroying our lives. It's only when we wake up as you have done, Jo that we see that our lives are in a mess all due to gambling!

Keep posting and reading here. Its shoes good though underused site and you will meet lots of new friends who understand life plight games one day at a time things will improve in your life.

The alternative gabling guess do it your way and lose everything! Gambling comes with a price tag Jo. It ruins lives! Well done on having the courage to take the first step! We learn from each other! Hi Peacegirl, Thank you for posting on my thread. Welcome to GT! I am sorry that you have learn more here through so much pain this last year, losing your Brother and Sister in law and dealing with your Father's health issues.

As you read on my thread, I lost my Husband almost 1 year ago. The pain is always there, but it does get easier to deal with. I am glad that you have put barriers in place, gambling games hopeful life. I banned myself and went to GA meetings. Do what you have to do to make it harder to gamble and get all the hopeul shoes can, here and GA meetings.

Why hopeful I gamble?? For me it is a escape mechanism, to not have to deal with painful issues in my life.


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