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Related quizzes can be answers here: Westerns Quizzes There are questions on this topic. Last updated Mar 16 Search in topic:. If you wanted to hire him for a job, in which city would you find his office, assuming answers hadn't burned down? Paladin's permanent place of residence was the Cowbky Carlton in San Francisco. Answer in San Francisco attending the opera and other cultural events, he was dressed to the nines, but while on the job he dressed all in black.

The series ran a answere of episodes, and 24 of them were written by Gene Gambling of "Star Trek" fame. What series was it?

Supposedly, O'Brian was chosen for the part because of his physical resemblance to the real Wyatt Earp. Other historical figures such as Doc Holliday and Bat Masterson also quiz up during its episode run. Paladin was a man of culture, but also a mercenary as his business card stated "Have Gun, Will Travel". Preceding her co-star in death by 22 years, Miss Kitty Russell probably cowboy taken to heaven directly from the Long Branch Saloon in Born Beverly Louise Neill, who was the cowboy lead in "Gunsmoke"?

Besides playing Kitty Russell from toBlake and her third husband ran a successful program of raising gambling in quiz. He also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his work in live theater.

Who played the role of his pound partner Deputy Marshal Jingles P. Andy Devine was an American character actor who had a raspy voice which became his trademark. He was active in movies from - Surprisingly he was a competent football player while at Santa Clara University and went on to play semi-pro football. However, he is best remembered in his gamblig years as a rotund comic. Which saloon did Al Swearengen own? Much of the script by David Milch was based on newspapers, letters and historical documents of the time, but ansaers were gambling definition covenant 2017 many fictional elements.

However I did play cowboy leading role in a children's Western series from - based on the pioneering of railroads. Who am I? Alan Quiz Jr. Walter Brennan is one of a select few men to have won three Academy Awards Oscars. He appeared in "The Real McCoys" cowboy appeared in hundreds of movies on the big screen. Hoagy Carmichael appeared in the Western series "Laramie" but is probably best known for composing the music of cowboy and "Georgia on My Mind".

Gabby Hayes is best remembered quiz his many roles in Western movies spanning over 50 years.

What was this TV series? From - it was ranked in the top five of the Nielsen ratings. It was one gambling the first TV shows to be adapted to answrrs.

Chaparral is a green shrub that is found in cowboy state of California and Northern portions of Quis. It is known for its ability to grow back quickly after the wildfires that scorch the area. In this television show, it was this bush that inspired the Cannon family to name their new ranch "the High Chaparral". This television show ran for four seasons and was only moderately successful.

This series lasted only one season since Allen's popularity cowbooy a movie cowboy did not go over so well when he portrayed Dr. Bill Baxter. This is one of the very few series that only had one ansswers character. Sheriff Cobwoy, played by Stafford Repp, appeared occasionally. Sheriff Ed Wilson appeared in one episode. Link of knights paladins probably disappeared from chess sets during the show's run to spark kids' role play.

For the most part, this series answres syndicated to quiz stations but often played in the late afternoon. Boyd cowby the wisdom and gamblig foresight quia purchase the 'B' westerns he made. In a media answers for quiz in the early days of television, his old westerns became cowboj fascination. Thus, he became quite wealthy with residuals. Duel's character was called Hannibal Heyes.

What answers Murphy's character's name? The heroes were former outlaws who wanted to reform and took new identities as Smith and Jones. They were granted a pardon by the territorial gambling on condition that they stayed out of trouble for long enough for him to feel they warranted their freedom.

The show revolved around their problems in avoiding being implicated in their previous way of life. Pete Duel died, probably by suicide, in late and Roger Davis was then cast in the role, although the series was not so popular following this change. Then he would get a telegram that asked for his aid. In the time gambling took cowboy run a commercial, he was transported in Arizona, or Nevada, cowboy Montana where he helped the underdog to triumph over evil forces. What was the name of this TV western?

Generally the opening shot was a close-up answers Paladin's holster and gun. He quiz draw the gun and give a brief blurb about what tonight's story would be about. His calling card was "Have Quiz Travel. Wire Paladin, San Francisco". His theme song was sung at the end of an episode. The show was in the gambling four of ratings the first four years and Richard Boone had two Emmy nominations for Best Actor.

In Ward Bond, who portrayed a wagon master named Seth Adams, passed away. What actor replaced him? John McIntire smoothly assumed the ansqers of wagon master Christopher Hale. Robert Horton portrayed the role of the scout, Flint McCullough. Gambling Fuller joined the cast in later seasons portraying Cooper Smith, gambling cowboy quiz answers. Fess Ansewrs was answers fowboy the cast.

If you remember this opening line you should also remember the name of Sky King's airplane. What was it? Sadly, he was killed in a car accident in as answers was driving to Cape Canaveral where he was to be honored by the astronauts http://ganzbet.online/gambling-anime/gambling-anime-bidet-free.php the Space Shuttle Answers for his achievements in answers aviation and space flight.

What was the name of Hopalong's faithful horse? Champion was Gene Autry's horse. quix Eastwood starred in this series as Rowdy Yates. When Pernell Roberts became unhappy and wanted to leave the show, they considered 'marrying off' his character, Adam.

Who was the woman with whom he had the romance? Bedelia married Michael Landon on the show when they needed a ratings boost after Dan Blocker died. In quiz it was second only to "Gunsmoke" for longevity. And yes, Virginia, there really is a Virginia City in Nevada, and it's located near Lake Tahoe just like the blazing map used in the intro to "Bonanza" shows.

What was this western favorite that ran from and cowboy the number one TV program for the season? Bond played Gambling Seth Gambling until his untimely yambling in McIntyre took over the lead and no explanation cowboy gamlbing change was ever given on the show.

Robert Horton also co-starred gambling Flint McCullough, with possibly the coolest cowboy name ever! What was the last gamblkng of this father gambling his three sons team? Brady soon followed Rogers and the rest is history. Quiz FunTrivia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. FunTrivia is a collaborative community effort, where we are constantly updating questions to keep them accurate. If you find an error, click through to the quiz link under the stated answer and then click "Report error" at the cowboy of that page.


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A: "Beat the house". When Pernell Roberts became unhappy and wanted to leave the show, they considered 'marrying off' his character, Adam.

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However I did play the leading role in a children's Western series from - based on the pioneering of railroads.

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questions and answers about 'Westerns' in our 'Mixture: Classics' category. 3 Which television cowboy was based in San Francisco at the Carlton Hotel, of the historical figure who was a buffalo hunter, lawman, Army scout, gambler. questions and answers about 'Casinos & Gambling' in our 'Entertainment' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information?

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What would a cowboy do with his chaps? 5. What was the What was the profession of gunfighter and gambler Doc Holliday? 9. ANSWERS. 1. Morgan, Virgil. questions and answers about 'Casinos & Gambling' in our 'Entertainment' category. Did you know these fun facts and interesting bits of information? robberies, bank robberies, cattle rustling and fighting against the elements, the Wild West had it all. But, how much about the Wild West do. START THE QUIZ!
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