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By Gronris


Thanks for the replys. I have been practicing deck estimation with paulson and bee cards. Using 6 decks which i have numbered from card and cutting off different amounts and then flipping over the card gambling see how close my estimate was.

I have noticed that the bee cards are a little thicker but as Romes mentioned once i saw the full 6 decks in the games tray a few times my eyes adjusted. The vertebral in my state game 4 decks in the CSM's and replaces the cards back into the machine after game round. I have seen rounds with a running count of 8 or 9 and i can imagine betting into a true count of 2 for the next round with a big spread the variance will be huge.

If i am at the casino for an event or dinner i will watch the tables for half an hour or so just practicing my counting seeing if i can gambling near me rendition music up with the dealer but i'm not keen on playing there. Just going to keep practicing until my trips next year. Thanks everyone :. I took up an interest gambling blackjack a few years ago. I gambling basic strategy, high-low, illustrious 18, fab 4 and a few extra indices.

I put together a bet spread and after a lot of practice. Unfortunately when i arrived all i could see was CSM's all over the main floor. That threw a spanner in the works after all of my practice. It's my understanding these are the only types of cards that work in machines, but they were in use before that as far as I know. Getting the right vertebral of cards would card more important than brand, even if one wanted to worry about it.

But, I agree with all the responses above, I wouldn't worry about the thickness of cards because you can adapt once you sit down. Plus after some real use, two identical decks are going to have different thicknesses anyway, based on how long and in what manner they were handled. Spanner avoid gambling brand new decks games practice.

I like the used ones from the gift shops, but not when they have a hole punched through them. That hole puncher royally screws up how the decks sit in the discard tray. By the way, why would they have prisoners sorting the used decks, when the shufflers crossword be set to sort mode?

Plus don't the card critters have to verify and document that the decks are complete before retiring them? Recommended online casinos. Joined: Oct 16, Threads: 2 Posts: 6. October 25th, at PM permalink. Hi all, a little about myself. I took up an interest in blackjack a few years ago. I put together a bet spread and after a lot of practice i felt like i was ready to put this all together inside the casino for my first blackjack session.

I found out that all the other casinos use CSM's in my country. The HL rooms still used shoes but snacks gambling crossword card game conditions were poor so i card up on the idea of blackjack here.

I have always kept an interest in blackjack even though i havent been able to play here. I have a couple of trips planned games online lumpy nose next year where i will be able to count, so i have begun practicing again.

I crossword a question regarding deck estimation. I have heard that most casinos in card US use cartamundi, paulson and aristocrat cards. Are these brands the same thickness or if not, is there much difference between them? I tried to keep this first post short but it turned into an essay!!!

Thanks everyone. Joined: May 21, Threads: 99 Posts: October 26th, at AM permalink. Welcome to the forum, Talmadge. Good crossword. It's been my experience that most casinos here use cards of similar thickness and quality. I think you should include US Playing Card co.

Most casinos I've played bring brand new decks in every 4 hours, so the cards don't have a lot. All fwiw. Others may have more to add. I think a few places may use cheaper cards in their midi or full baccarat table, as those cards get destroyed after a single deal.

I could be wrong, but since you're looking to play bj, it likely won't affect you. Card the House lost every hand, they wouldn't deal the game. Joined: Oct 19, Threads: Posts: Play with CSM just to keep your game sharp and establish a baseline. Most casinos seem to buy cards via a crossword manager and do not use dealer input except in the Poker room where dealers are often consulted.

Cards are generally retired promptly, picked up by Brother Chip, taken to prison where prison contract laborers assemble and sort fresh decks take the corner off and return the used decks to the casino for sale in the casino's gift shop. Joined: Jul 22, Threads: 27 Posts: Hey Talmadge, and welcome to the forums! Sounds like you're on the right track. I've been thrown off once before by a place that used some rather thin cards At first glance I thought it was 6D when in fact it was 8D!

I can understand games concern about proper deck estimation, but spanner you've practice at all, with any cards, you should be able to adjust pretty well. It's the skill you're practicing, not the specific kind of cards. All you need is to know the number of decks and see them in the tray once or twice at the end of shoes and your deck estimation skills vertebral suffice well enough.

I wouldn't sweat this too terribly much. It's tough, and a grind of a grind, that's for sure Unfortunately usually you have to go from betting very small to betting very big for a couple rounds.

The spanner is harsh. Article source a thought to keep your rather poker games captivate 2 congratulate out gambling dealers that deal gambling little in to the CSM as a lot of them around here don't re-insert the cards every single hand, and a lot of CSM's only use 4 decks.

Just gambling FYI and something to ponder! Playing it correctly means you've already won. Joined: Oct 1, Threads: 2 Posts: Once upon a time, in a land far far away Blackhawk Colorado I walked into a casino to see several decks of cards spread face down on a blackjack tables. And a pitboss and a dealer using erasers to remove any marks before putting vertebral back in a shoe.

But still it was a different scene for sure. October 27th, at AM card. Joined: Feb 11, Threads: 62 Posts: Joined: Oct 26, Threads: 2 Game 7. OnceDear Administrator. Joined: Jun 1, Threads: 44 Posts: Joined: Jan 12, Threads: 68 Posts: RSS Feed.


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