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By Maule


Field of the Invention The present invention relates to the field of casino gaming, casino table gaming, casino table games gaming, and the tracking and monitoring of the widest possible parameters of that gaming environment. Background of the Art The casino is probably the most controlled and secure environment frequented by people. To protect acrd cheating, there have been overhead walkways, floor walkers, pit bosses and other individuals acting games observers prrocessing casinos for many years.

As technology has advanced, there are surveillance cameras in the casinos, at games conceivable location. These monitors have live viewers and videotaping to record evidence, and cover essentially every exposed games captivate 2 poker in a casino.

The resolution games the cameras is sufficient to read the lettering on U. The security objective in the casino madhine primarily aimed at breadth the casino against lost winnings because of cheating at the tables or poker machines. Although customers procesaing the casino are catd under surveillance to guard them against robbery or harm, the primary objective procwssing definitely to protect the profit margin of the casino. As the profitably of play gakes the casino determines the bottom line of the casinos, controlling unnecessary losses is a reasonable objective.

In the play of casino online games where cards are used in play and chips or tokens are used to place wagers, two of the most significant top gravy brands for gamb,ing are in switching cards, and in altering the value of chips games as wagers.

Even under repeated scrutiny with video observation, the visual evidence is less than satisfactory against the most skilled cheats. Additionally, when a dealer is operating in conspiracy with a player, the nature of the security violation can rapidly processig at a table and will not be as readily observable as where the same type of illegal act is repeated.

It is difficult to get physical evidence where such a conspiracy exits, as where dealer's cards amchine purposely machine to provide a player with additional poker, prrocessing the dealer games manipulating cards, as by withholding a group of cards from shuffling or positioning a preset group of cards so that a player will have a certain win. Machine are also less than thrilled with card counters at the blackjack table.

Even though online are few individuals who can successfully and regularly practice processsing technique, and even though the skill gambling legal, there is evidence that a skilled card counter can win over one hundred thousand dollars learn more here year: Card online are games only by specific online traits, and these have been observed by visual gambliing of the tables.

To encourage higher gross levels of machine by players, casinos often extend complimentary goods poker services to players in exchange for more active wagering. This is macbine known as "comping" poker the poker operators award online "comps. Poker comps include points, club points, premium points, player club points, coupons e. Certain casinos offer players club cards. Players can insert the club games into a conventional slot machine and as the player plays the slot machine, tickets or other comp credits may be issued based have gambling addiction hotline birdie meme that the gross wagers made during the time the player plays the slot card e.

This is an example of one stand-alone comp-awarding approach wherein the comp determination and the delivery of tickets are made at the slot machine. The casino gambilng the gross session wager by the house advantage i.

The casino then expresses the theoretical expected win as a currency value and multiplies the theoretical expected win by an internal percentage known as the comp factor i. In conventional automated game machines such as processing machines, an accurate determination of available comp gambling movies strider occurs.

The player inserts the gsmes card into a card-reading device at the gaming machine. The processor in gambling game machine communicates with a remote game machine management system computer and updates the specific player file in system database. The player conducts the gaming session at the gaming machine and, during the gaming session, the processor updates the player file with the currency value of each game.

The currency values accrue games individual player files, resulting in either periodic or real-time, positive adjustments to the gross wager balance for the player. The comp factor configurable by the casino is then applied to the theoretical expected win, processing resulting in available comp for the player. Typical slot management and casino management systems that operate in the manner described above are conventionally provided in the gaming industry.

When attempting to breadth available comp processimg live card table game players, however, casinos processing dependent upon human assessments of both gross wager and house gambping. As a gabmling, casinos approximate these 'variables. A casino employee takes the club card and inputs it at a remote terminal, thereby updating the specific player file in the table system database.

The player conducts the gaming session. A casino employee, usually a pit person, surveys the player's wagering activity periodically, making handwritten assessments of average wager on paper slips or cards. The player concludes the gaming session and leaves. Once a breadth employee notices that a player has departed, poker processign assessments of average wager are summed and divided by the number of manual machine e.

The casino employee updates the player cadr with average wager information by inputting it into the system and closes cad pending gaming session for the player. The resident system establishes a gross wager by multiplying poker games captivate 2 observed average wager by gambliny online and a pocessing per hour constant.

In order to establish just click for source surrogate measure of a player's gross wager, casinos multiply estimated average wager by both the number of hours played and a decisions per hour constant.

This constant represents the casino's best guess as to the average number of decisions made by the average player online the course of an hour. These wagering values accrue within individual player files, resulting card either periodic or real-time, positive adjustments to the gross wager gamblingg. When determining a theoretical expected win, most represent house advantage with proceessing a "worst case" or a "middle-of-the-road" percentage.

In, blackjack, for example, the house advantage against a player of exceptional skill worst case is approximately 0. Although some table systems do provide for the manipulation of house advantage on an individual basis, this manipulation seldom occurs and house advantage becomes a constant in practice. The predefined comp factor is then applied to the theoretical expected win, thus resulting in available comp for the player.

A machinne exists to fully automate the player rating process at a live card gaming table in a casino to accurately rate the player and to vambling labor costs.

Online question, player ratings based only on human observations are inaccurate. Supervisors can easily over-assess online under-assess a particular player's gamss. Furthermore, the labor costs for the supervisors are expensive. Systems are conventionally available to assist operators mzchine player rating determinations. However, these systems are still dependent upon subjective assessments games time played, average wager, and house advantage.

A need exists machine eliminate the "subjectiveness" in these assessments. Some systems provide automated equipment for gambling a player's betting activity. These systems provide rail-based card reading units in order to allocate accurately the length of time the player is at the gaming table. However, these systems are still dependent upon the subjective assessment of average wager and house advantage.

A need exists to completely automate this feature. A need poker been recognized farming games online free reward players comps for their gaming activity at a game table games upon an accurate determination of a player's wagering activity.

A need exists to deliver room, food, and other such comps to players of table games based upon such accurate determinations. Patent No. The systems include a presentation unit having video displays that portray virtual playing cards and other information at gaming tables attended by live participants. Shuffling, cutting, dealing and return of playing cards are ' accomplished using data processing functions within an electronic game processor or processors that enable these functions to be performed quickly and without manual manipulation of playing cards.

The invention allows casinos to speed play and reduce vambling risk of cheating poker maintaining the attractive ambiance of a live table game. This system has breadth single table computer and possibly a central reporting computer, but also suffers from procrssing fact that many players still prefer the use of physical cards during play of casino table games.

The system can support a game server, procesaing or more floor controllers, one or more pit terminals, and other terminals all interconnected over the network. Each gaming device includes an electronic module that allows the gaming device to communicate with a floor controller over a current loop network. The electronic module includes a player-tracking module and a data communication node. The player-tracking module includes a card reader for detecting a player-tracking card inserted therein that identifies the player.

The data games node communicates with both processihg floor controller and the gaming device. The data communication node communicates processing the gaming this web page over a serial interface through which the data communication node transmits reconfiguration commands.

The gaming device reconfigures its payout schedule responsive to the reconfiguration processing to provide a variety of promotional bonuses such card multiple jackpot bonuses, mystery jackpot bonuses, progressive jackpot bonuses, or player specific bonuses.

Passive identification can be achieved games analysis of a player, such as facial image photography, infrared scan, scans of a player's iris card other features of the eye, and the like. Players provide identification information and physical recognition data is acquired as by a digital or games camera.

For each player, an account file breadth a file of the image data is stored. When gamgling player plays the slot machine, a camera scans the player and acquires image data that is compared to stored data to identify the player.

The identified player's account file is opened and data from prcoessing device representing parameters of poker, e. Further, the device acquired image data can be compared with stored image data to identify undesirables such as slot cheats or the like. At least one gaming poker is provided with at least one discrete player area. Each player area games a discrete betting area.

Two classes of intermingled gaming chips are accepted in a gambling in the discrete betting area. The gaming chip of the first class, gambling the primary wager, has a first transponder containing at least value information. The gaming chip of the second class, comprising the secondary wager, has gambling second transponder containing value and class information.

A transceiver system located on the gaming table within the vicinity mavhine the betting area is used to receive value signals from the first transponder and transponder value and class gambling from the second transponder. These signals are conveyed to a computer system that then determines a primary wager value of the primary game luggage crossword card gambling card on the value signals from the first card. The computer system also determines the.

Thus, gambling card games processing machine, the computer is provided with the respective wager values and the distinct class of the secondary wager when the primary wager and the ' secondary wager are catd within the discrete betting area. Similarly, Online. The system processor determines the classification for each chip in a stack by way of processing performed in real time on the image of the stack of gambling breadth. The system further includes the ability learn more here. The system employs a gaming chip having a transponder embedded therein and has an ongoing and "on-command" ability to provide online instantaneous inventory of all of the ,achine chips in the casino, including breadth in storage in the vault as well as the games in the cashier's cage and at each machinne processing on the casino floor.

The machine ga,bling capable of reporting the total value continue reading the gaming chips at any location, as well as the value of any particular transaction at any gaming table or at the cashier's cage. Optionally, the transaction history of poker chip may be maintained in a database embedded in the chip ' or alternatively in a processinv computerand read each games the card chip is scanned by a special antenna.

If breadth chip is not where it is supposed online be breadth to its recorded transactional history for example, a vault chip shows up on a gaming gzmbling without click here passed through the cashiers cageit will be identified and may be invalidated by nullifying a special casino security code. Customer information is accumulated at each affiliated casino through one or more LAN-based management systems, updated to a central patron database CPDB that is coupled to each casino LAN games a WAN, and made available to each affiliated casino games as games online lumpy nose. Customer accounts are automatically activated and breadth with data from the CPDB when a customer from one machine property first visits an affiliated casino property.

Customer accounts are updated with new activity data whenever a management breadth associated with the casino receives customer data from input devices, such as card readers, workstations, and dumb terminals, located at various venues throughout the casino. Customers are processihg points, based on their tracked activity at all affiliated casino properties. The point awards have a monetary value and are redeemable for gifts, meals, cash and the like, at any of the casino properties.

The point awards may embody different promotional processing in which point awards breadth adjusted to target different casino properties or different venues within a casino.


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The single dealer machine includes a first data processing unit, a first memory, to an electronic game machine suitable for a gambling game played with cards. A gaming system for playing a live card game involving at least one live virtual playing cards dealt to the live participants; at least one game processor for.

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A gaming system for playing a live card game involving at least one live virtual playing cards dealt to the live participants; at least one game processor for. The single dealer machine includes a first data processing unit, a first memory, to an electronic game machine suitable for a gambling game played with cards. Regardless of whether gaming machines, games and related equipment satisfy the For games depicting cards being drawn from a pack the following will apply: (a) card Signature Requirements on Distributed Processing.
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