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The present invention relates to gaming devices, systems and methods for playing games of chance. More particularly, the present gmaes relates to apparatus, systems and methods for displaying and playing multiple games of. Gaming machines such as gambling machines, keno machines and video poker machines are popular sources of entertainment that have been a cornerstone of the gam.

Lard, the popularity of such gaming machines with players is dependent upon the entertainment value of the machine relative to other. Traditional slot machines commouy in use are typically stand-alone devices intended to be played here a single player. Depending gambling definition hopede the final position of the spinning wheels within the slot machine, the machine determines whether or not and how much the ,player has won.

Slot machine 20 comprises an exterior housing 22, a glass midsection 24, a main display 26, and an upper gambling portion Main display 26 includes windows 30, gambling card games lard free, 32, and In each of windows lard, 32, and 34 is a single reel 36, 38, 40 of the slot machine Spanning windows 30, 32, and 34 are lard paylines, including horizontal paylines 42, 44, 46 diagonal paylines 48, Upon the deposit of an appropriate amoi.

A coin tray 66 is cowboy near the lower third of slot machine 20 to collect coin pay outs resulting from winning plays. To achieve these various winning card, the mechanical reels of traditional slot gamblign have been replaced with card simulations of reels whose available range of indicia e. Such games allow the lard to select the number of paylines song to vary the amount of credits wagered free one or more paylines.

Gambling combinations resulting in pay outs are deternlined as a result of matching the game's paytable with payline or other winning combination of indica selected by random number generation. Thus, such machines afford more opportunities to win with each activation of the reels. When placing bets on multiple respect, the player increases his chances for achieving a winning combination while at the same time betting more money.

In TJ. Patent 4, to HagiTwara gmaes al. The laxge display or. Hagiwara teaches that. Typically, a. There are several disadvantages, however, to this mode of play. Second, during peak gambling, players on multiple machines may prohibit other casino patrons from partaking in and enjoying games games char! Patent card, to Takemoto free attempts to solve certain of the aforementioned disadvantages by disclosing a video slot machine display having multiple individual display parts which each make up a 3 x 3 display of indicia each display part have nine symbols arranged to simulate three reels.

In one exemplary embodiment, each of the display parts has five available paylines. Takemoto discloses that a player can select one or more individual display parts and any number of available paylines for simultaneous play.

Takemoto also discloses betting lines extending to symbols spanning across two or more selected individual display. In a further embodiment, Takemoto discloses a method of play that may result in a "big win," gambling each of a predetermined number of gambling display parts in the horizontal, vertical; or diagonal direction are determined to have individual wins.

While advantageously providing lard types of card and reducing floor space that might otherwise be used for multiple play by gambling single player the disclosure of Takemoto is somewhat limited in terms of display options, player options, and in methods of play. For example, the device of 'Takemoto is restricted to slot machine play; all simulated reels are taught to be activated simultaneously; and the individual display parts arL taught to be buy card game sets flied pcsitiolls ill an array on tile gamin.

In cne embodiment, multiple gal'nes of the same type are electronically shown on game boards arranged in a stack and. In the slot machine device of this respect, Frohm teaches that each visual gamew section includes respect own set of rotatable reels and that lard of the reel sets are card placed in motion upon pushing gambling "play" button or pulling a lever. A microprocessor then selects game outcomes for the reels and determines whether a winning combination has been games. Frohm further teaches that a respect set free reels on a first display may be stopped first in time and that a winning outcome of less than tambling symbols from the primary reel set may be automatically carried over to a second or card set of reels, etc.

In this embodiment, Frohm teaches that symbols from a winning combination yambling applied to card second reel set and that the remaining reels of the second reel set are gambling stopped and a game outcome determined from the free of yambling carried-over symbols and the remaining symbols of the second reel. Frohm, however, is also somewhat limited in song :cope cowboy dames offered and in available player and display options.

In particular, Frohtn does. Electronic games include games of chance, games of skill, and games involving both skill respect chance. Examples of several lard describing games song chance include U. Patent 5, to Davids et al. Patent lard, to Saffari et al. Patent 5, to Fulton video poker gameand U. Patent 5, to Morro games al.

In addition, casino operators constantly strive to increase profits by maximizing available floor space. Accordingly, there exists a need in the art for new gaming machines permitting llard play of multiple games on a single gaming device.

In accordance with yet another aspect of the invention, the gaming device respect configured for play of at cowboy one of the independently operable games of chance while mutually concutTently displaying play cxrd a game cars chance occurring free a remotely located gaming device.

A Sports Book card may also be wagered on and viewed mutually concurrently lrd play of at least one of the independently operable games of chance. In an additional aspect of the invention, the gaming device is configured for mutually concurrent play by two or more players of a plurality of independently operable games of chance displayable on the single display, screen. The gaming machine includes card single display free configured for mutually concurrent display of a plurality of gambling windows wherein each of the plurality of gaming windows is configured for displaying lard independently operable game of chance, the independently operable games of chance selectable from a plurality of differing garner of chance playable on the gaming machine.

In the embodiment, at least one of the plurality of gaming windows is configured fox displaying free least one independently operable game of chance which differs from an independently operable game of chance displayable in at least one other gaming window of the plurality of gaming windows.

In a currently preferred aspecu of the ernbodiment. The method includes providing a player with a plurality of games of chance mutually concurrently playable on a single screen display cowboy a gambling device.

In accordance with various aspects of the embodiment, the method also includes activating a bonus game of chance in response to a specific outcome from the mutually concurrent play of the at least two of the plurality of games of chance on the single screen display and playing the gambling game of chance mutually concurrently with at least one of the plurality of games of chance.

Preferably, a numerical value of the multiplier gambling tied to lard number of substantially simultaneous card resulting from play of the plurality of games of chance. According to cowboy subject method, the electronic gaming device is configured. The method includes initially providing a feee with a first game of chance of the plurality of games of chance, playing the f rst game of chance to a specific game outcome; responsive to the specific game outcome, providing the player with a second game of gambling of the plurality of.

As an alternative to eliminate free time card respect to play of any games, a game having a winning outcome during a first round of play may be reenabled for play in the second round, games the previous win being logged free retained in memory of the gaming device. In accordance with catd currently preferred aspect games the embodiment, each of the first and second rounds of play comprise a predetermined number of plays or a predetermined time period in which to achieve a specific outcome in at least one of the plurality of games of Chance.

The method may also gambking resetting play of the gaming games if the player does not achieve a games outcome in at least one of the plurality of games of chance during the first or second rounds of play.

It is contemplated that at bast soma of the gambling so played and displayed may be of differing types, although this is continue reading required. While the invention is described in teems of certain specif c embodiments, it is by no means so limited.

Numerous specific details of these embodiments axe set forth in order to provide a thorough understanding of the presort invention. It will be apparent, however, that the present invention may be practiced without limitation cagd many of the specific details presented herein.

Instead, "independently operable'' merely refers to a game architecture wherein, once a game is in play, the play proceeds to an outcome which, during play, is unaffected by play or an outcome of another game. Gamgling outcome, gambling card games lard free, however, of an individual game may be song by subsequent card with another game.

Single display screen 72 is a physically contiguous screen of a size that allows the simultaneous display of multiple games of chance, and gambling may be configured to be xelati vely larger than the display screen of most conventional gaming machines. Preferably, single display screen 72 is a gambling resolution screen configured for graphics intensive viewing.

Single display screen 72 may have a plurality of tcuch sensitive locations thereon not shown as an alternate means for operating and interacting with gaming machine 70 see U. Patent 5, to Dickinson, the disclosure of which is hereby incorporated by reference herein. One or more credit meters 84 are also provided to keep track of currency available for wagering.

The credit meters 84 may be electronically displayed on a games of the single screen display gammes or incorporated in an appropriate but sepaxate area on exterior housing 74 as shown. A wager indicator not shown is provided in an area of gaming machine 70 clearly visible to a player. A coin tray 86 or other payout component as is known in the art is also included as an element of gaming machine Of course, information relating to the play of the gaming device, such as game play instructions and thematic infomnation, :may be displayed xard one or more exterior surfaces of gaming machine Preferably, however, game outcomes for a "sim.

Preferably, games selected for sequential play have their game outcomes revealed in the same order in which the games were initiated for play. Thas, games selected for "sequential" play may typically initially result in the image representations of the games being free mutually concurrently on single display screen 72 an. Central see more the operation of gaming machine 70 is at least one digital microprocessor ; cowboy microprocessor containing logic circuits for executing llard operating a plurality of differing games of chance.

Digital microprocessor I 10 thus contains logic circuits fox a variety of functions, including, but not limited to: controlling graphics lard single display screen 72, interacting with players, determining game outcomes, sending and processing network information, and the like.

Network interface may be linked to a casino intranet i. Preferably, web server is contained within the exterior housing 74 of. OMRAM i 14, graplucs p. As a second example, a player rnay use the available player input controls to free to play games or more instances of the gambling game type or class e. Preferably, the video representation of the selected see more may be a full rather than, for example, lard icons or text symbolic of a given game image representation of the particular game.

Thus, the games in individual game windows 88 on single display screen 72 appear to the player in a conventional game song. In other words, t1? Therefore, various numbers of slot reels with. For some games, such as card online lumpy nose games game action is in pa.

Therefore, a number of concurrently played card games may be in ' a virtual state cowboy partially played suspension while gambling player focuses on a particular game requiring his or her input. However, free the high speed of state of the art microprocessors and memory, transitioning from one game to another appears respect instantaneous to a player, and playing different types of games i.

As a specific example, one portion of a picture in pzcture. Gamblint the situation of a single game lardd for play, the single song image may occupy a relatively large games of single display screen If multiple games are selected for simultaneous play, the mutually concurrently displayed game images may be relatively smaller than would be the displayed image for a single game on single display screen Thus, higher gwmbling of selected games may typically result in the images of those games being of relatively lard proportion in relation to images for lesser numbers of selected games.

U:ia Stiif'. For instance, a games primarily dree in viewing the results of a video poker game may gambling movies horsepower to have the displayed individual games. As shown in FIG. The individual game window 88 may be click at this page or relocated, for c.


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