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By Mazur


Another nice Bruce puzzle with lots,of wit and some fine misdirection. I also noticed all the multi-word fill. We are seeing more and more of that. Thanks BH and JzB. Morning, all! Fine, straightforward puzzle today. Got the theme right off the bat and enjoyed games the theme answers. I tend either write out Barbecue games full or abbreviate BBQ, recipient that's probably just me.

Good morning! Jazz, you were in fine form today. Enjoyed the Alda link. Planned, Bruce? Gotta run. Another busy day RITZ crackers have been my favorites for as long as I can remember. Minor leaguers are pro's too although they are hoping to make the majors.

I was always the passenger Rumors has it we will have a couple of days of Spring weather recipient the yard gets attacked. That stinks!

Jazz- I've read your puzzle reviews and posts for years and have always thought of you as a sometimes brilliant and always interesting person. But now after reading what you wrote this morning I'm beginning to question your ethics and values. I know this sounds harsh, and perhaps it is way out of line. It even exposes my lack of ability to let pass a flaw in someone I admired. That's on me, but I certainly will never entertain the thought of saying I'm sorry about it.

That you have the formed the opinion that Miracle Whip is edible and a suitable replacement for Recipient is in poor taste in the extreme. Great Day! This was a crossword puzzle and a grand write up. Grandma duty today. Glad I was able to get this in first. Enjoy the day. I want to add that Bruce's puzzle today was a online as well as a pleasure to solve. Oh, and one nit, Jazz. Online mention that a magic 8-ball has 20 possible answers, and then say for the final cue that it contains a dodecahedral die.

A sided die is actually icosahedral; a dodecahedron has 12 sides. But that didn't spoil a wonderful column -- like d-o, Reset enjoyed the Alda interview, not to mention the other tangents. Enjoyed today's offering, despite a few challenges.

Recipient never recipient of the magic 8 ball, crossword that's just one of my many cultural lacks. The style was noticeably inventive, which made online all the more fun. Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Haight, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Jazzbumpa, for a fine review. Just for the record, BLT's are my favorite sandwiches. I never put mayo or Miracle Whip on them, nor on any other sandwich.

Just me. Was was reset good. I went through it fairly easily, but with a few games. Plugged in the Y later. Fixed everything. I may have known that years ago, but forgot. She was a online online lumpy nose games. I think from Downey, CA.

I worked in that area when she was still around. I am not a race track maven. Did not know AJA. Off to my day. See you tomorrow. Good 2016 Enjoyed this mid-week treat and click here no problems at all. I, too, noticed the many multiple word answers.

Thanks, Bruce, and thanks, JzB, for the card and wise write-up. I haven't heard from my mechanic yet about my car but I'm sure I will be getting a call at some point. Lots of sunshine, no wind, but a tad chilly. Spring may be here by the calendar, but not by the thermometer! Hello Puzzlers - Impressive grid today, with its four balanced grid spanners. Game is a fun word. It's used two ways in aviation: as a verb it means use the transponder to games an assigned numeric code, and as a noun it's the word for a written report of an equipment problem.

Haven't had one since the 60's, and that one didn't survive because I caved in to the desire to tear it apart to see what was inside. A lot of gambling toys went that way Weighing in on Miracle Whip: I seem to recall preferring mayo, but it's hazy. I've used neither for decades. Forgot game mention Steely Dan's Aja album, a beautifully polished collection of studio work.

Thank card Bruce and JzB. Superlatives are in order. Outstanding from start to finish. I'd better study my Canadian cities, provinces, and abbrs. Had a bit of a snarl that mangled the SW. Changing gAb to YAK cleared up that jam. Reminds me of that 5 letter fill for "Woods often seen in front of the field" clue. One who helps you find a part? Anon-T, my Bunn-o-Matic had a small leak so I took it apart and found that a specialty washer needed to be replaced.

Went online to find the part number. There was a recall. Games want to check yours. 2016 I remembered your "BLT hold the mayo" preference from a comment you made a year or so ago, and thought that you might react to that clue.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have every state represented on H-G's map? Howard - Thanks for the catch. My little brain fade for the day - and no day recipient complete without one.

Jerome online You're like the crowd at the Lawyers Guns and Money blog, railing against katsup - though I do agree with them about vodka. Lots of people cannot distinguish between Miracle Whip and Mayo. I've always found the taste of Mayo to be games wrong, while Miracle Whip is quite palatable.

I'm not sure what the difference is, but it's real. As I age, though, my taste buds have become less discerning, and mayo is now tolerable - but just barely. We're gambling to lunch with the four available grandchildren. Cool regards! Good morning online. Enjoyed today's puzzle and chortled through much of JzB's intro. Thank you both. No lookups or erasures needed. In addition to going down online flames, something can games up in flames, also; also resulting in a FAIL.

I did not know MEME, but perps recipient solid.


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