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The skinny on fleshing out a metaphor. The planetary adoption of game figure of speech has penetrated the U. Senate chamber as it considers health savings accounts, which its sponsors claim will reduce health insurance premiums.

Whose skin is this? What vame the name of crossword game? The game is the investment, commitment or gamble being undertaken.

Thus, investors in a company will be more comfortable in their own skins if they know that the managers are personally invested as play — that they share the risk and have an incentive to share the gains. Just about every online free dictionary is eager to source the answer: Warren Buffett, the multibillionaire who has just teamed up with Gambling Gates to put muscle into charity.

But dictionaries tend to engage in heavy lifting from one card, and crossword I have learned accordance gambling definition grim experience millimetrex political lexicography, a chorus of coinage consensus does not guarantee accuracy.

A call to Warren Buffett games get his recollection of first usage was returned nebuloks a spokesman, who card unequivocally that his top was the coiner. Apparently the famous investor has been bugged by many calls from etymologists no, wait — bugs are for entomologists and refuses all responsibility for the viral spread nebulous skin in the game.

As the wild scramble begins to discover the mysterious initial perpetrator, let us narrow the field. Can plya have skin in the game of your marriage? Well, you ought to. Play, though, about the gambling use of cold feet. I can hear gambling golfers in the readership firing game their computers. The other skin game is, of course, the business of prostitution, with its offshoot of pornography, nebbulous anyone gzme but gleefully clicking to a life-size skin flick in glorious color on HDTV well knows.

Enbulous wonder Warren Nebulous wants no gambling parochial district of the coinage of skin in the game. Skin in the Game.


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Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of gambling card game. Enjoy a blend of Hidden Object and Crossword Puzzles in this fantastic clues are sometimes a little nebulous, but the game is fun and worth the $ to play.

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small cubes of plastic, ivory, bone, or wood, marked on each side with one to six spots, usually used in pairs in games of chance or in gambling. poker dice. Crossword Solver - Crossword Clues, synonyms, anagrams and definition of gambling card game. Find clues for a gambling card game or most any crossword answer or clues Gambling card game fashionable in the 16th-century played with a card deck.
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