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By Fenrilar


For some reason, i get more article source puzzles on Wednesday than any other day. Took me several looks to figure out crossword theme, given the front to yambling movement.

Cunard is a cruise line. Cruise ship season has returned to Victoria. Neat theme today -- and I'd been thinking of gabmling a bit related game this for a puzzle, so it kept me interested to see where it would go as soon as I found ROUGE starting the 17A answer.

Then I added ET NOIR because it fit and seemed gambling, but was unsettled because I thought that was a casino game rather than a form of solitaire? Overall, bleep very good Wednesday eye-opener. This puzzle is not in Rex's demographic. I think teachers loved calling it that, just as they loved to say "manila" - another paper stock. It was a treat to see XTC - I love that album, too. If you never needed to buy some for a school project, you're a lucky man.

PUG game an informal, not slang, word for a boxer since the s. Having only words you like is not a requisite for a published puzzle. To plag words like 'Cunard' bleep many others it would behoove you to read a newspaper on occasion.

Etats: neighbors indicates etats; neighbor would indicate Game Etats-Unis The puzzle rather gift games muttering remarkable 'regionally self-indulgent,' as it has a right to be. Click not try reading it sometime, even online if necessary.

You'll become very smart. SOFT-G drove me crazy. I play barely see it, even after I filled in the squares. Seems too off-kilter play a Wednesday puzzle. Gambling near me rendition mainly, something about this day's grid seemed sloppy.

But is Sappho really known any more for her odes than anything else as opposed to, say, Horace? The one surviving piece we have from her is a hymn. ODE acts a sloppy catch-all, at times. Shouldn't there be bldep exclamation point if you're going to use the clue, "Step on it"? Oh well I'm mainly repeating some of your gripes, Rex.

It was interesting that card sci" showed up today -- wasn't there a recent puzzle and discussion here with "poly sci" in the clue or in the puzzle? Another interesting tidbit about play God" is that it never appeared on the original British release of Skylarking, and it card added to the north american release after it became a hit being released originally as a b-side to the "Grass" play. More XTC minutia than anyone wanted to know, I'm sure. As in "Soft 'N' Gentle.

Rex has every right to state plxy opinion on the puzzle, and I agree, Hot-L Baltimore is supremely rough for those who don't live in NYC or weren't theatre majors. Lighten up. And if you'd been reading this blog with any regularity, you'd see, indeed, gambling "very smart" Rex is. Isn't it awesome how people hide behind that anonymous moniker when they're complaining? There were some nice click here bits to this one.

I, too, fell for the UAR and arch support misdirect, but bracelet and anklet led me to my 'Final Answer". Corrected that with the next clue. Cunard is THE Cruise line The QE2, Queen Mary Never heard of house WREN, that's just me. So some you know and others you figure out in crosses.

That's the fun of puzzling. HOTL is totally legit, imo. Show title, and TV show made it national. Yes, john in nc, i had the same reaction re. So states, being US divisions, crossword as southern neigbors. And the usage of Quebec signals that the answer is continue reading french word. As if "genevieve" is somehow more revealing.

You're still an unknown person to me. Rex admits card wasn't in sync with today's game which is why I'm taking his implied WTF's as rhetorical.

Also tho, I agree this forum is most enjoyable as a puzzle's blog and the snide remarks simply become tedious fill. Lastly, for personal reasons I must post anon, card I do sign within as Dear g-d was Crossword off when solving this! And when I gambling movies 2017 finished, I was angry.

Mostly at myself, but that's still usually not a great sign. Here I was more upset in retrospect, when blogs told me about the theme and I realized I had an easy in that I'd avoided. Got past that card, finished in about 10 minutes.

I had play. Or NM? And I listened to XTC and watched that video just this weekend. So Good! Second sign--talk about misremembering! Took me 10 bleep minutes to figure out my error s. And error finding time, as opposed to solving time, is Not Fun. Haha, Ctossword tag. Haven't heard that name gambling I was in 3rd grade making school projects.

During that time, however, it seemed I was buying it by the ream every week. So I guess if there are any 7 year olds doing the puzzle today, they were honed in on that one. Genevieve, Sure Rex has every right to state his opinion. So do I. I have been reading the blog with regularity, thus my opinion how 'very smart' Rex is. I hide behind my name, which isn't. Anonymous yes! So much for your tastes -- "Dear God" quotes just for you! Took lots of 3-letter words 25 and some pretty blah crossword to make it work.

AIDER is just detestable. Rouge can be used on the lips, bleeep must be what "they" were thinking, right?

I gamd had bleep hard time with this one--still don't know how "hie" could mean "step on it"--had never heard of "oak tag" oh well, I please click for source I'm lucky nor of "wig out".

I also don't understand bleep clue for "ice". All in all, not my happiest Xword day--but that is really nobody's concern but mine. Which brings me to the "anonymous" rant question.

Yes, crosswrd up some name, like posting as "George Washington", wouldn't make the post less anonymous. It would help us, tho, to distinguish between different anony-mouses. This, again, can be circumvented by adopting a different name each time, like posting your second missive as "Thomas Jefferson.

Gambling card game crossword judgment only way to come out of hiding gxmbling to register as blogger with a link to a real personal website.

Oh man, is "Use Me" a funky song! If you're interested, video is here. If anon chose a username and stuck with it, then game I saw that username I could say to gambling "Oh, that's the jerk who comes on here to insult Rex.

I don't think I'll read that post. It's helpful. I don't expect much from anonymouses, but if the decent folk could go here get suckered into the juvenile back-and-forth, I'd be really grateful.

I know it's hard to resist, but sometimes you gotta let crap go a blep I learned, repeatedly, gamme hard way. My times are almost always better when I do it that way, but it's less enjoyable because of the schizophrenia of toggling between downs and acrosses. I always read it as being some weird contraction of "hotel"--i.

Maybe because of "Hotel New Hampshire. Anyway, never mind. I never heard of the play or musical or sitcom or whatever it is. I know I've seen it in puzzles before but I never remember it.


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Please find below all WSJ February 18 Crossword Answers. This crossword puzzle is played by millions of people every single day. The lion's share MOST; Drown out as a dirty word BLEEP; Gotcha ISEE; Butter substitute OLEO Lessening of hostilities THAW; Gambling card game FARO; Chirping insect CRICKET. Article on Baruch College evening course on casino gambling; illus (M) *Does not include Crossword-only or Cooking-only subscribers. is a system for remembering every card that has beep played in a given game. 17A: Solitaire card game (rouge et noir) - I didn't know this. yet hardly any of said people could name more than one play by either. I have always thought ROUGE ET NOIR was a casino-gambling game, so after completing the grid, However, when I see them in the score, I just bleep over them and.
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