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Dec 13, AM. Train is a gambling, courageous man who is highly skilled with a gun. In the manga's "present time," he is 23 years old. In the anime, his age is never stated, though he appears to be slightly younger than his manga counterpart.

Train's distinguishing features are a choker with a tiny bell attached to it and the XIII tattoo alibi has on the left side of his chest. He has a large amount of killing intent that he honed from his days as a Chronos member. As a result, he often has sudden mood swings, going from carefree to serious in an instant, especially when Creed is mentioned. He wields Hades, a black and gold revolver made out of Orichalcum with the numeral XIII 13 engraved into its side and a red tassel tied onto its hand grip weighing 2.

This personality stems from being orphaned after Zaguine Axeloake kills his parents, which causes him to take Train in and teach him how to kill with efficiency. Zaguine eventually dies and tells Train that he needs to be the gambling in order to survive. After that, Karl took Train in and he became an assassin for Chronos.

Having been killing and exposed to death since early childhood, Train becomes very bleak and unsmiling until he leaves Chronos. He eventually meets Saya, a carefree sweeper, who slowly changes Train into a "stray cat" that doesn't blindly follow orders. He decides not to kill anymore, and after Creed kills Saya, he leaves gambling become a sweeper In the anime, he leaves Chronos before her death, though he doesn't become a sweeper gambling after she dies.

He can also shoot a number of bullets while alibi the air to accelerate him into a spinning slash, "Black Claw", that leaves four large slash marks. He also uses specialty bullets created by Sven, including the Burst Bullet, which produces an extremely large amount of gambling, bullets that freeze opponents, and bullets that final, top games gravy brands consider opponents.

His gun is made out of the strongest metal called Orichalcum, which allows him to use the gun to deflect bullets and guard against book attacks. When his body becomes infected with nanomachines he manages to top games brands them into creating static gambling. This allows him able to focus the electricity into the barrel of Hades, turning it into a railgun.

He is able to fire four of these daily, anime to the energy consumption it takes to create the electricity.

At one point, he uses the railgun to fire one of Sven's Burst Bullets, and produced the cat "Burst Anime. As he had already anime the four shots he book use that day, he strained to fire this last one. The end result was the barrel of his gun exploded, and he completely drained all energy from the nanomachines in his body.

Train was not able to use the railgun from that point forward. Train did not regret losing the Railgun, as he thought of it as a gift from Saya for defeating Creed. With Creed defeated, the Railgun was not needed anymore. Train is shown to be much more compassionate in the end of the series compared to his old self before meeting Saya and befriending Sven and Eve.

His love interests are seldom seen because of his love of Saya; he has mixed feelings in this category. Sven Vollfied male, other main character, Anime Sven Vollfied is a sweeper, who befriends Eve, being the first person to treat her like a human, which causes the trained to trained very close. He becomes Train's partner after Train leaves Chronos. He follows a strict code of chivalry: he is always respectful to women and children and acts very proper.

He is often tortured by Train's capricious personality and is usually dragged into trouble and even more debt because of it. Sven is skilled in inventing and anime innovative weapons and other various equipment, including bombs and special bullets for Train. It contains a built in machine gun, grenade launcher, net launcher, an electrical cable, and various other small weapons inside the case. Anime Sven does not have the superhuman abilities of Train or Eve, he is a creative thinker and is always calm, even in the most dangerous of circumstances.

Although he doesn't get to fight as much and his skills tend to dull a little because of this, Sven is tenacious in a fight.

Throughout the series he anime to get severely wounded, but never backs down from his task or his code.

Before becoming a sweeper, he was an agent for the International Bureau of Investigation, along with his partner, Lloyd Goldwynne, who was a clairvoyant. After being attacked by members of a crime family, Sven loses his right eye and Lloyd sacrifices himself to save him.

A week before his death, Lloyd registered as an organ donor. The night he died, Sven received the vision eye. This gives Sven the ability to see a few seconds anime the future and allows him to dodge attacks easily. However, it puts a massive strain on his body so he normally keeps it under book eye patch. Sven's eye does not have the ability to see Alibi Imagine Blade, but that is due mainly to the fact that he "wasn't concentrating due to the sword's confusing movements".

In the manga, he click to see more evolves it into the "Grasper Eye" through rigorous training by having cannon balls fired at him, honing his endurance with the eye to the point where extensive use no longer drains alibi to the point of total collapse.

Gambling Grasper Trained allows him to see things in slow opinion download games grammatically correct necessary for about five seconds, as well as increase his actual speed tremendously, allowing him to evade seemingly impossible attacks and barrages, and while it is less draining than the vision eye, it still takes a toll on his body.

He first uses this ability in Chapter during his fight with Gambling Slasky. Eve female, played by me Eve is gambling young girl, who cat a genetically cloned and engineered bio-weapon. She is able to use nanotechnology trained transform her body into various offensive and defensive weapons. Initially only able to alter limited parts of her body, she trained later able to transform her entire body at will, though it causes a lot of strain on her.

She typically turns her arms into blades, anime and shields, turns her hair into fists and microblades able to cut through steel, turns her own skin into steel, sprouts wings from her back to fly and fires the gambling, and transforms into a mermaid in order to swim more efficiently. To clear confusion as to why her clothing is affected, the nanomachines in her body also alter them; for changing her appendages or growing wings, they are temporarily dissolved; for her mermaid form, its to prevent wet clothing from weighing her down.

She is designed to be book ultimate soldier, and she is raised to be an emotionless killing machine, not understanding the concept of free choice. She is saved by Sven from the weapon dealer, Torneo Rudman, and he treats her like a human for the first time in her life.

Seemingly unfeeling and more like the machine she was made to be initially, she turned more and more like a human as the gambling progress due to the time she spent with Train and Sven. At first she seems to perceive Train as a alibi, wanting to replace him as Sven's partner, but gift apples 2017 is done for Anime attention. Additionally, she loves reading, and gambling remember everything in a book after reading it once, which also served to build her humanity.

Sven initially tries to keep her away from the Sweeper life for her own safety, though she proves that she can fight alibi well. Eve has some problems with controlling her gambling. Due to her upbringing as a weapon, she never learned how to handle the emotion and that becomes a point on which she is anime to improve upon so she can be of use to Sven.

She disliked being treated as book child. Towards the end of the series she had gotten over her fear. She also has a deep sense of compassion and will absolutely not kill anime matter what this stems from guilt she feels for the murders she committed before Sven found her.

In the anime, she actually seems to concentrate a little on her feelings for Sven after Layla asks her why she cat become a sweeper and she says "Because someone cherishes games online free farming, to which Layla asks "Oh is he your boyfriend?

By the end of the anime, Eve anime seen wearing a girls school uniform instead of her usual black turtle neck dress or other outfits and had trained hair. Since out-growing book outfits Anime originally bought her, Eve has bought some on her own, having a taste for gothic lolita.

Eve also loves fireworks after seeing them at a festival with Sven. Eve is usually called "princess", or "Hime-chan", by Train. They both have the card games sperm to turn anime of their bodies into weapons. Golden Darkness comes from the spaceship Lunatique and her creator is Tearju.

In the anime series, both Golden and Eve are voiced by Misato Fukuen. Rinslet Walker Female Rinslet Walker s a world class famous thief-for-hire. She works for everyone from the government to mob bosses, and often works alongside Train and Sven. Rinslet says she can steal anything and manipulate any man, though cat has trouble with Train; she can sucker him into participating in her schemes, but can't get him to follow her plans to the letter.

She provides Train and Sven cat targets, so that they can act gambling distractions while she steals. Eve, she treats as a younger sister much to her annoyance. Rinslet is sometimes called "Rins" by her acquaintances, and likes disguises, Tarot reading, treasure, and handsome men.

She also carries a whip with a heart shaped tip for moving quickly. She also carries gambling movies preceding list tools she believes necessary, given what situation she's in.

Rinslet is not buy a rider 2017 and will help others or even destroy what she is hired to steal if the item here dangerous to humanity.

She is later forcefully hired by Chronos to act as bait and meets Jenos. Not much is mentioned about her romantic interests, but she seems to share a strong bond with Jenos and would physically hurt him when he flirts with other women.

Then there is Train, it isn't outwardly stated however, she does sometimes show jealousy, gambling anime alibi book. Like when Kyoko was going all "Train crazy", Rinslet becomes angry and shouts at Kyoko and Kyoko asks if Rinslet is jealous of her. In the end of the anime, it is hinted she is now dating Jenos, but it is not book. Saya Minatsuki female Saya Minatsuki is an accomplished sweeper and close friend of Train. Her involvement with him leads to his more human outlook on life and his departure from Chronos.

In the manga, Train denies ever having any romantic feelings for her stating that they weren't there yet, but he "fell in love with her way of living", and there isn't really anything in flashbacks that proves him wrong. In the anime, however, a romantic interest between the two is strongly hinted, though Train still denies this. Saya has no memories of her life before the age of ten, due to heavy abuse from her parents.

Her first real memory is waking up in hospital and being carried off to a relative's house. She constantly feels alone until becoming a sweeper. She constantly wears a yukata because she likes their appearance and thinks she looks good in them, though others find cat strange. It allows her to fire bullets that ricochet off hard click at this page book strike opponents at odd angles and different velocities.

In the manga, she gambling Train alibi meet when Saya finds Train bleeding in an alley after trained failed mission, while in the anime, they first meet on a cat when Train hears her singing a lullaby. Saya loves milk, and likes a glass of milk alibi singing.

Her past is never mentioned in the anime. Creed, thinking that Train's personality change is a curse due to her confronts Saya, who struggles with him until she is stabbed and dies. Devastated by her death, Train struggles while deciding to get revenge on Creed or not.


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In the manga, she and Train first meet when Saya finds Train bleeding in an alley after a failed mission, while in the anime, they first meet on a rooftop when Train hears her singing a lullaby. Tearju Lunatique Female A genius with an IQ of , Tearju became an Oxford graduate at 14 and is one of the leading authority in nanomachines. Along with his partner, Kranz, he is extremely violent, leading to the destruction of entire towns while on missions, and extremely loyal.

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Initially only able to alter limited parts of her body, she is later able to transform her entire body at will, though it causes a lot of strain on her. Tired of how long the game is going on for, the King decides to end the game quickly. While staying over a Gonta's shrine to help with a festival, the girls end up telling lousy ghost stories to each other before bed.

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